Monday, May 11, 2009

Twitter Background Template for Photoshop

MediaTutorialFor those of us who are disinterested in 'running with the pack' and feel the need to assert your individuality, without all the trouble of covering your bodies in tattoos, piercings, wearing mohawks, getting surgically created Vulcan ears or legally changing your name to Krill 'The Ballrog Slayer & Defnender of Midgard' Kochanski, then I have a simple and less costly solution: design your own Twitter background. One that reflects your inner 'you-ness' and states loud and proud that you're an avid sponge collector and love the color puce.

Now to be honest, there are sites across the vast internets that allow you to create a custom background, on-line, from a base template ... but where is the fun in that? For those feeling the urge to release their inner Photoshop monster and embrace the fervent joy that comes with pushing pixels, I say:

'No sir, this simply will not do.

I am the master of my own domain ( and refuse to yield to the temptation that these sites offer.

For they deprive me of the gift of pure creation - something from the utter nothingness that is File - New ... (or File - Open ... in this case).

No! I want to live ... and my photoshop-fu ...

is ...


If this sounds like you, then God help you because you're a bit 'off' ... but that doesn't mean we still can't be friends. It also means that I have created the template that you seek and it is available for download here:

If you have questions about this template (that is not directly related to 'how to use Photoshop') you may direct message me in Twitter @MrJoatmon or place a comment in this Blog below. If you like, you may also post a link to your Twitter page with it's newly created BG for the rest of the Twittersverse to check out.

Now, go forth and create!