Friday, March 6, 2009

Photoshop Tutorial: GT4 Photomode Clean Up & Beyond

TutorialHere are a couple tutorials I created a couple years ago to show folks a semi-easy way to correct the inherent ugliness in a Gran Turismo 4 - Photo Mode image. The subject of the tut may be a bit outdated but the steps are still sound.

he first has to do with removing all the nasty JPG-ed-ness that is extremely visible is some shots. The other is a simple tut on creating wheel blur on an image where the wheels are either not spinning enough or not at all. The second tutorial is not limited to GT4 images, by any stretch. I have used these steps many times before on images of real cars, with great results.

Photo Mode Cleanup Tutorial

Wheel Motion Tutorial

"My photoshop-Fu is strong." - Me

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